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Electricity generators from Latvia. 
FG Wilson® generators with Perkins® diesel engine

Generators are ordered to Latvia. From there, you can choose the place/delivery that suits you. This company also sells various spare parts for generators. Delivery 2-3 weeks.


We have in Tartu County  FG Wilson P33-3. You can come and see it if you are interested. We provide information on how it works, how well it works, how to use it, and more. 


Model: P33-3 (description with standard equipment)

GENSET characteristics:
Maximum power: 33 kVA / 26.4 kW
Nominal power: 30 kVA / 24 kW
Maximum current: 47.5 A
Nominal current: 43.2 A
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 400/230 V
Number of phases: 3
Fuel Tank Capacity: 71 L
Sizes (WxWxH): 1570 x 760 x 1231 mm
Weight: ~ 780 kg

Make, Model: Perkins® 1103A-33G1
Governing Type: Mechanical
Engine Power Standby: 31 kW (42 HP)
Speed: 1,500 rpm
Number of Cylinders: 3
Displacement: 3.3 l
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Consumption: 3.8 liters per hour at 50% load
5.2 liters per hour at 75% load
6.9 liters per hour at 100% load

You can always call or write an e-mail if you are interested in coming to see or just for information.

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For more detailed list and prices of generators, write to us or to the Latvian office.
Our email address is

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