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Wood chipper (hammer mill)

Shreds quickly certain plastics, e-waste, wood and many other materials. The machine can deal with iron particles, like nails/screws. Blades are extremely sharp and made out of very strong steel. 32 blades max. Comes with diesel or electric engine. Sieves are replaceable. Two ways to shred: material loading the top or from the side. Shaft working space 500mm x 900mm, we can make bigger if needed.

Grinder 1

Available with different engines(diesel/electric). Grinds materials, perfect for making wood ready for briquette press. Many sieves options, minimum 2mm. Automation which controls material loading into the shredder via its amount. This machine can be made fully automatic.


Grinder 2

Can be used to grind different materials to get ~25mm til 3mm results in material size. Sieves are easily replaced and the blades are cheap.