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Single shaft crusher

Shreds cable scrap but can be used for other material shredding too. Sieves are replaceable. Blades(18pcs or more if needed) size are 30mm x 30mm. They are cheap and easy to replace, also, always available. 18,5 kW motor, ABB.


Grinder 2

Can be used to grind different materials to get ~25mm til 3mm results in material size. Sieves are easily replaced and the blades are cheap.


Water separator

Water separator for cleaning copper or aluminum. Separates copper or aluminum from broken cable scrap. The water circulates all the time (needs about 1000l of water). We offer two or three phases, you can choose. Separator table dimensions 2300mm x 600mm.

The whole line


Additional information: +372 58367677

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