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To order, call 58367677/


16HP petrol engine.

Made of strong and thick material.

Tolerates pebbles, branches, soil, etc., because the fan blades are not at the end of the crankshaft. The fan blades are on separate bearings, with a belt drive. The motor drives the fan with two belts. The bearings are greaseable. The tip of the suction pipe is 200mm diameter. 
Can also be used as a fan/vacuum cleaner (for transporting wood crumbs and similar material).
If necessary, we will make the machine the way you want it.

Price starting at 1200€+VAT.
Contact us.
+372 58367677


For tractor. 
The opening/hole for inserting the branches is 4mm thick metal. The overall body is 12mm and the flywheel inside is 25mm. Very durable and strong.

Opening for putting the brances in is 120x230mm.
By adjusting the gap between the blades, you can easily change the size of the chips.
You can rotate the blades and sharpen them yourself at home. 

Guarantee at least 5 years!

You can come and try it out!

Price 1300€+VAT.

To order, call 58367677

To order, call 58367677/

Petrol engine 16HP

Brand new, in packaging.
Four-stroke gasoline engine.
Power - 16 HP / 11.9 kW
Speed- 3600 rpm
Tank - 6.5 l.
Oil capacity in the engine 1.1 liters, 420 cm3
Shaft - 25 mm
Start - mechanical start
Air cooling.

Price: €290+VAT.

To order, write to

Heading 1

Jet Ski Cart/Storage Frame

Trolley/frame dimensions: 600mm wide, 1200mm long.
The cart is very stable, the jetski can be climbed on when it is placed on the cart, the cart does not tip over, durable, neat.
Rolls easily. All wheels turn.

€250 includes VAT.

To order, write:

Jet lift hooks

Can lift all jets and scooters.

Very durable and made of strong iron. 


The price of €250 includes VAT.

To order, write to


30x30x20 Blade

Suitable for use on various shredders, e.g. for shredding wood, etc.

Price €8+vat.

To order, call 58367677/


Specially made to order in Europe.
Identical to the larger Chinese branch chipper blade.
Very high quality.

Price 40€+vat.


95mm ball.

Price 25€+vat.

To order, call 58367677/

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